Hosiery Guide

How To: Hosiery Guide

Find the right size.

Since hosiery must stretch from your toes to waist finding the right size is crucial in the fit.

All in the prep.

To keep your hosiery from snagging ensure your fingernails and toenails are filed and smooth. *Tip before handling hosiery moisturise your hands and legs.

Point and gather.

Start on a single side. Holding the waist of your hosiery bunch one of the legs, from toe to waistband. Point your toe and slip your foot inside, ensuring the hosiery is positioned correctly and the leg is front facing. Repeat with the alternate leg.

Take your time.

Gently pull the hosiery up to your thigh. Before proceeding further, ensure the hosiery is not twisted and feels smooth.

Final touches.

Ensure hosiery is sitting comfortable and smoothly from toe to waist. If you need to readjust, avoid tugging at the hosiery. Roll it back down to your thigh, repeating previous steps.


Enjoy your hosiery with comfort, confidence and everyday luxury.