About Us

Welcome to Levante

Levante is an Italian born luxury hosiery brand, creating carefully curated pieces that exude refined simplicity through designs wrapped with elegance.

Founded over 60 years ago, Levante invites luxurious comfort and striking femininity into the everyday.

Our beautifully knitted designs blend seamlessly with lush and inviting textures, from lightly tinted coloured sheers to intricately woven metallics into subtle sheer patterns with luxurious Italian craftsmanship at the forefront of every piece. 

Our forever evolving journey is defined by high quality craftsmanship, delicate designs and versatile silhouettes, existing for the love of modern elegance.

Contact Us

For a store nearest to you please call +61 3 9237 2200

To become a retail stockist please email: Customerservice@levante.com.au