How To Wash | Hosiery

Though our hosiery is made from high quality materials, to ensure you can enjoy your hosiery time and time again we recommend the following tips about washing and caring for your garments.

  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron

Top Tips

If your dress is clinging to your pantyhose and you are stuck without any any-static spray, rub some moisturiser onto the palm of your hands and lightly pat over hosiery and the inside of your garments.

When shopping in store use the swatches when selecting the right shade for your skin-tone. The backs of our hands are often more tanned than our legs. Put the swatch over your hand and check the colour against the skin on the inside of your wrist - the skin here is much closer in colour to your legs.

Having difficulty getting your fingers to work on those cold winter mornings? A pair of disposable gloves will help to gently guide hosiery up your legs.

When wearing stay ups the cardinal rule is no moisturiser! If you must, only after hosiery is in place.

Most buy hosiery that is too big for them. Unlike other intimate apparel, with hosiery, the bigger is most definitely not better. Hosiery that is too big will slide down, causing the gusset to drag down and the leg to gather at the ankle - this is both uncomfortable and compromises the leg appearance.

Use our size charts & read our tips on how to properly put on sheer pantyhose.